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to your unique vibration,
your vibe
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You may have noticed how old wounds from your past can play out on repeat. Powerful events create a binding residual charge in the body and in the energy field that surrounds it. If left unresolved these negative forces imprint us, forming inhibiting patterns of behaviour and limiting beliefs that determine our life experience.
Shamanic Energy Medicine is an effective healing modality that unravels these energetic patterns, and heals the whole self, empowering you to be creative and proactive rather than trapped in defensive and protective holding patterns.
The aim of this process is to promote profound healing, empowerment of self and transformation of purpose and intention that harmoniously reconnects you to your unique vibration - your vibe.
I am Marie-Claire and I hold a safe and supportive environment for my clients to be heard and seen without judgment. Through a combination of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Expressive Arts Therapy and Nature Connection we explore the behaviour of energy throughout the multiple layers of one’s physical, mental and spiritual self.

As a skilled Shamanic Practitioner and creator of Vibe Therapeutics, I offer tailored programmes that promote profound healing, empowerment of self, and transformation of purpose that harmoniously reconnects you to your unique vibration. Your Vibe.
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Vibe Therapeutics

“You are permanently in choice.
Why live within limitation?
Become the greatest expression 
of yourself”

“Time working with Marie Claire is, in a word, transformational.”

She took me to parts of my being that I never visited and encouraged me to face the truths I didn’t want to address. Time working with Marie-Claire is, in a word, transformational. I say this as a 50 year old entrepreneur who after two sessions with M-C launched a new business borne from her teaching. Within 12 months it was and still is my most profitable business. Marie-Claire will change your life for the better!

“...she literally pulled the feelings out of me through rhythmic chanting, scent and wind.”

When I went to see Marie-Claire for my first session, I Immediately felt at ease in the gorgeous surroundings.
It was what I can only describe as an intensely moving experience; I slept better than I had in years the weeks following.  My second experience was even more profound. We talked about very deep and personal experiences which I didn’t know how to cope with so had buried for many years, and she literally pulled the feelings out of me through rhythmic chanting, scent
and wind. I came away feeling incredibly positive and felt I could face and heal any challenges that beset me.
“Through working with Marie-Claire, I rediscovered my lost confidence and joie de vivre.  Her ways of working were always supportive, collaborative and creative and I found myself developing a much deeper understanding of myself and my relationships with those close to me.”

“ I rediscovered my lost confidence and joie de vivre”

Marie-Claire undertook her Shamanic training at The Light Body School in Chile under the tutelage of Dr Alberto Villoldo and Marcela Lobos. During her training she has had the privilege to learn from both Western and indigenous Shamans and teachers from all over the world.  With a background in Choreography, the progression to becoming a Practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine has been entirely organic as her enquiry became more motivated by what was moving the body than how the body moved. 
Her approach to healing combines a powerful combination of working with subtle energy and movement practice to support powerful transformation. Marie-Claire holds a BA Hons Degree in Expressive Arts and a Masters degree in Contemporary Theatre Practice. She has had a successful international career as a Choreographer, Movement artist and lecturer for 25 years.

She is deeply honoured to offer her skills and expertise in guiding her clients to embody the finest expression of themselves and so that they may sustainably live and thrive with integrity and purpose.